As your business relationships develop, email tends to become the dominant form of communication. It is important to get into certain habits in order to keep a handle on the incredible amount of messages you send and receive every day. Try to keep an uncluttered Inbox, the deeper the mailbox; the more likely something important is going to be left unaddressed. Every person you communicate with should be a record in your Contact Manager or address book. Make sure this information is backed up! Your contacts should now be your most valued possession.

You should always quote the contents of the message you are replying to, the more detailed the conversation thread the easier it is to use in making decisions. For the touring musician or agent, a web based email client is superior to a desktop application. If you receive your email in one centralized location, you will always be able to access important information when it is needed. There is nothing worse than needing to get access to an old email that’s sitting on your desktop 5 states away.

It’s also a good idea to convert all of your incoming faxes to email messages. This is just another attempt to centralize all of your vital information, so it's easy to find when you need it in the future. Check out www.faxwave.com, they will give you a free Fax-To-Email phone number that sends all of your faxes to any email address that you want. The ability to be able to receive a fax anywhere you can get your email often comes in handy if you are doing a lot of traveling.

TIP- Check your email as often as you can as there is nothing more frustrating than not receiving a response to a gig offer from a promoter.