48 Hours Strong

The 48 Hours Strong are

Andrew Koethe, Ryan Bliss, Nate Jones, Kim Hill
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Alternative Rock


48 Hours Strong is a collective of musicians striving to create music that is unique enough to be separated from the same, rehashed, rewritten, dull music heard on airwaves today, but at the same time, catchy enough to get stuck in your head for days on end. With a large number of original songs (20+) for such a young band, 48 Hours Strong has been developing a fanbase in Northeastern Ohio since the summer of 2011. They have opened for bands such as Alien Ant Farm, Jackie, Parabelle, and more. Now armed with the experience of playing live, and constantly writing more and better material, 48 Hours Strong is looking to break away from the packs of local bands that crowd the clubs, bars, and venues and become a force that will not go unheard. Drawing influence from bands ranging between MUSE, Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Mutemath, (the list goes on) 48 Hours Strong is an alternative rock band that cannot be passed up.


One of our live songs actually utilizes a Guitar Hero videogame controller as a live synth for the song "War Machine." It has become a crowd favorite due to this detail. Many people have raved about our innovation between classic-rock band instruments and the new technology afforded to us through the use of computers.


From all members of the band, we would like to thank you for the opportunity of getting our music spread to a wider audience. Everything helps for a small-time band trying to make it on our own. We will help to share your website or page with other musicians we know! Thank you again for this opportunity and if you need anything else from us, feel free to ask! Cheers! -48HoursStrong
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