Autumns Eve

The Autumns Eve are

Zakk Hall ( from Scarlett Fever ) - vocals, Guitar<br />Branden Webber (Scarlett Fever)- Bass/ backing vocals<br />AJ Houlihan ( At The Ruins Of Olympus ) vocals/ backing vocals<br />Jordan winger - ( from Magicians Syndrome & Built Of The Architect)
Kitimat, British Columbia, CANADA//CurrentlyToronto, Ontario, CA
Metal / various sub genres


The name Autumns Eve , has deep meaning to us rather than just putting a few words together like other bands do just for a name. Autumns Eve stands for the darkest night in the season where life dies. it transcribes to as each member of our band has.. a dark sad story of hardships in many aspects of our lives. we aren't just some kids who threw together a band. we are brothers who share the same passions, the lust and love for the music
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