The Beeba are

Ipswich, UK
Electro, Alternative, Jungle, Breakbeat, Schwing.


Start with a passion for writing and playing using six strings.( This encorporates over the years anything from Metallica to the Stone roses, Radiohead to Pantera and alot besides.) Then add a constant love and respect for hip hop and all things Ninja, Mo, Shadow or breakbeat related. Sprinkle all this over the fact that I've brokd out at nuf venues seeing the likes of Roni size, Grooverider and Ed rush. Mix all this up in a vessel called me, present a method of recording and I'll head off to remix the world via my psyche.... I have played guitar for the last 13 years and first began recording using an old Fostex 4 track in an experimental manner about 11 yrs ago. I have been recording in my current lab for the last 5 years and I've been gigging for about 2years. I've supported and worked with many amazing bands and creatives inc the Marvelous, Darien Prophecy, the RiffRaff, Pixelh8 and the Wah. I'm constantly on the look out for new ears to infiltrate and audiences to stand in front of.... so if you want some support on a gig, message me maybe:) I have worked on many varied projects, soundtracks and conceptual ep's in the past and, well, I even done alright in a competion once.....not that they sent me my prize, but still hopeful..... 'Although it never rises above a heartbeat-fast rhythm there is a dreamlike, almost mesmerising sound to the gentle bassline, soft drums and subdued guitar that sweeps you along for the ride. When the vocals do come in they sound like someone sedated Kurt Cobain and propped him up against a fuzzed-up microphone' Review : Lost Connections : Audio Democracy. 07 / 'JD is a great mix of 80's electro-pop and a certain musically insane touch that could only come - I now realise - from this artist. This track merely confirmed what I had suspected - this is a man on a mission.' Review : Jd : Steve Gilmore : Soundclick. 06 / 'For me, it's like a musical roll call of everything that has been worthwhile in music over the past twenty years, and is something I am particularly going to like. There again, given its rock style delivery it may pull in a few of the longhairs too, showing that the term 'electronica' is as big as several oceans.' Review : HazyDayz : Steve Gilmore 06. / Sound.......


One, me, Beeba. I produce my own tracks and then strum and make use of my vocal chords over the top. I make ElectroPunkPopAlternativeIndieJungle type stuff with abit of gravel thrown in.......
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