China Drum

The China Drum are

Adam Lee Bill McQueen Dave McQueen
Punk Rock


China Drum was a 1990s UK punk rock band consisting of Adam Lee (lead vocals and drums) and brothers Bill McQueen (guitar) and Dave McQueen (bass). In addition to a number of singles, the trio released one EP (1995's Barrier) and two full-length albums, Goosefair (1996) and Self Made Maniac (1997). During the Self Made Maniac period, they added Jan Alkema as a drummer, allowing Lee to focus on singing. The band later changed their name to The Drum, which many fans had been calling them for years, and released a final album, Diskin, in 2000 before parting ways.


China Drum were once proclaimed by Radio One DJ Steve Lomacq to be “the best band in Britain” and he still plays their songs on BBC Radio 6 every so often John Peel was also an admirer and especially of their cover of Kate Bush’ “Wuthering Heights“


They released 3 albums of the finest, energetic, bouncy and very melodic punk rock in the 90’s, before deciding to focus on family life in 2001 At their peak, they played at Reading Festival and had successful UK and European tours with Green Day, Supergrass and Ash. Since the emergence of social media over the past 7-8 years, it is very evident that China Drum made their mark on many in the Uk, Holland and Germany, where they have a big following. Their gigs where notably energetic, with some being played live on Radio One’s peak time show “The Evening Sessions” presented by Jo Whiley and Steve Lomacq.
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