China Drum Interview

Judging by the reaction to the gig at The Garage on the 21st February, it seems that there are many including myself that have been waiting and hoping for a China Drum reunion gig.

They gifted us with many fond memories, that went down as some of the best gigs of my life. They warmly engaged with their audiences with a sense of fun and honour, before blasting into some ferociously melodic punk rocks tunes, that would whisk the crowd into a frenzy.  

I am elated to say that we will once again experience this and to get us warmed up, we managed to interview the band to answer some of the burning questions that we all want answered.

-2013 seems like the year for comebacks, with David Bowie announcing new material and My Bloody Valentine's new album.  With this in mind, will you be playing any new material at the show and are there any plans to get back in the studio?
No new material at the show. But, new material will be a major point. We have plans to do writing and recording, its so fantastic to be in the same room together, we have so much we want to do.

-Out of all 3 albums, what were your favourite songs and why?
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh this ones my favourite..........enter club singer..........
Probably Meaning coz its about where I live now.

-Will you be leaning towards any one album in particular when choosing your set list? Judging by what i am seeing on the event page, many would be happy with a run through of Goosefair.
We have chosen a set list which lends itself to the true sound of China Drum, with flying drums, ringing guitars, and hop along vocals..................if the room isn't bouncing up and down, shouting the words back at me, I will be bitterly disappointed........

-Its seems that The Drum really did throw a divide between your fans. On one side you have the original China Drum fans with punk rock roots, who disliked The Drum. On the other, you have people who discovered you along the way possibly after big support slots with the likes of Ash, Supergrass and Green Day who love The Drum and China Drum. What was the main reason for veering away from the punk rock roots and leaning towards a slightly electronic, industrial sound with use of samples?
We wanted to write some original balls out music which was still punk in its ethos, We were writing as a four piece for the first time so we sounded very different, so different that we thought we would change our name to The Drum having heard fans calling us that for years before, it didn't seem a jump too far at the time.

-What were the main reasons for coming back and doing the show in London?
When we were asked to do the gig in the beginning we had not been in the same room together for 13 years, often when you tour a lot you live in each others pockets without even realising it at the time, We had no problem with each other, it just happened that we got on with our own lives doing what we needed to do.
The first rehearsal with us all was very emotional and I must admit I did let a little bit of wee out.
The sound was better than I ever remember it being, Going deaf for a hobby!!
Enjoy it, coz we are!

-Can you let us know what was going through the mind's of the band in the last days and weeks of The Drum before parting company and what main issues led to this?
No job, no money, no energy, we were all exhausted, knackered, some of us had kids and we hadn't seen them much at all since they were born. a quick reality check told us all to get a proper job.

-So the world didn't actually come to an end back in December, Obama is still in, the Pope has resigned, The North Koreans are playing with toy weapons and fire works, but the big question on everyones lips is whether this will be a one off show or will there be more to follow?
This is a one off until we get sorted, but I think if it was down to how much we are enjoying it, you can assume that we will book more shows.

-Can you let us know about the line up for the night?  we have 2 new members who will be joining you on stage, with John Steel on guitar and Kate Stephenson on drums
We had to assume that we might not make the "getting back together" plan work so we had planned for that, it turned out that it did come together, and more.......with very large testicles.... so, chose to keep going because it sounded so mint.

-So i have been to see you play 30 something times back in the day and remember some eventful gigs. I even recall some poor dude getting carted off in an ambulance, as the crowd got a bit excited (Me included) at The Harlow Square. What was the best gig you ever played and where were the craziest crowds?
I have very fond memories of that particular gig at The Square, we sent someone for beers via the crowd surfing route. he even brought the change back!
In London our favourite venue is The Garage, we loved the sound system, monitors and on stage sound and that really makes a difference to how you feel when spouting tunes to everyone in the crowd.
The loudest I ever heard the crowd sing back at us, was the Garage, so make sure you warm your singing voices up!! I would like to try and break that record.

-With all your experience, do you have any advice for up and coming bands?
Aim high, work hard, don't be an arse, listen to your gut feeling.
Don't eat the little coated peanuts on the bar!!

-Will the real Rupert the Bear be attending the show and taking his thrown on your drum kit?
Our original Rupert was kidnapped and held to ransom, we did get a note but it was illegiblagh..................
So our stunt Rupert is in re-hab at the moment, but hopefully he will make a full recovery, in time to park his arse in the said position.
We are so looking forward to seeing everyone at the gig, this is going to be MINTA as we say oop north.

Here are some questions that fans on the Facebook event page have asked; 

Marmite it is

-What is (Adam) your favourite B Side track that China Drum released
"Cut them out"

-Is 'Great Fire' gonna be in the set??
No but quite alot of other tunes from that era

-Whats your fave biscuit
We have two-
Apple, butterscotch with green icing, of course in the shape of an apple.
Ginger and red chillies.

-Dave -What are those cool basses you used to use?
Ibanez and a Status still gorrum!

-Would they consider playing the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool?

-Will they go back to being a 3 piece?
Yes with left footed drumming coz my right foot is broken, it wont work any more.
teaching myself as we spak......... oops to coin a phrase.

-After the demise of the pig shed, have you rehearsed in the new one
I built a new shed, this one has electricity, water, heating, and windows you can see through. but My brother has filled the space for rehearsing with his shit.....time to move out mofo.

-Why is it that so many great punk bands come from oop north and never get the recognition they deserve?
Coz when w'get intavud n that, nee-1 knas what we're gannin on aboot.

-How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
According to my calculations 14,859 cubic metres of mulch/bark/chippings

You can catch China Drum live in the main room at The Garage (opposite Highbury & Islington tube) on Thursday 21st Feb 7 -11pm with aftershow party afterwards with the band.

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