French Soul Party - Interview

French Soul Party have remained probably the finest music discovery since we started this site. Their vibrant and synthy songs can’t fail to empower you, so we caught up with Alex, Dan, Will, Olly and David; the five-piece we just can’t stop going on about!

We were chuffed to bits when we heard you’d made it onto the Radio 1 playlist recently – what was it like hearing the likes of Huw Stephens, Fearne Cotton and more playing your music to the nation and praising what you’re doing?

Pretty astounding. It helped expand our audiences as a band and we enjoyed hearing people’s opinions of our music; we’ve never had so much feedback!

If your music was a Radio 1 presenter, who’d you think it would be and why? What about the loud and passive Zane Lowe, hipster Nick Grimshaw, the laid back and quietly cool Annie Mac or someone entirely different altogether!

Probably Fearne Cotton; sexy and summery.

Nice choice! Anyway, your sound is entirely unique – its great hearing some almost Two Door vibes on French Kissing, then some synths and furious drumming on the older stuff and an Arctic Monkeys style too – what do you think are the main influences each of you bring to the band? Was there something in particular that spurred you to be so unique in your sound when you first formed?

A lot of our music is influenced by dance and French house music; artists like Justice and SBTRKT feature a lot when we’re trying to get inspiration for bass and drum parts, although bands like Foals and Mystery Jets obviously have a greater influence on the guitar. After you hear Antidotes for the first time it’s pretty hard not to be subconsciously influenced by some of the rhythms, it’s a great album.

A lot of your tracks feature some clever instrumental sections – how do you come to be writing such songs; do you start with a lyric or a melody and build it all around that or do you aim to get jamming and see what good comes out of it?

For almost all of our songs, we’d have been jamming and then a riff would come out it, normally on guitar or bass which we’d then build on; adding drums and vocals last. We’ve got a couple of instrumental songs which we play live, which is really for people to dance to in a live gig but I guess the instrumental parts in songs are just bits we enjoy playing too much to cut out.

You’ve got a few live gigs under your belts now. How are you enjoying the live process?

We love it! Having positive feedback form a live gig is ten times better than someone hearing your track on the internet, it’s much for gratifying.

And if you could support anyone on tour that you currently all look up to, who would it be?

That’s a pretty tricky one, probably a more upcoming artist like Alt-J. Our favourite artist at the moment, they seem like pretty cool guys too.

Once upon a time you were the band we tried to tell the rest of the country (and world!) about hopefully a lot more people know about you now with all our rantings and the radio 1 airplay - but who do you think everyone should be listening to right now aside from yourselves?

An Awesome Wave (Alt-J) // Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam (Ghostpoet).

And which new album’s/releases are you eagerly waiting to drop this year?

It’s got to be Foals Tapes in July, can’t wait.

So what do you think your plans are going to be for the remainder of 2012? Are there any new tracks you can give us some gossip or a hint about?

We’ve got some new tracks down which we should be recording in the next few weeks which will probably go towards a self titled EP containing French Kissing, Greek and some new tracks. We’ve got no definite plans yet, other than just to try gig about as much as we can, hopefully heading down south a bit to London.

Last question: can you describe in a couple of sentences, each member of the band and what we should know – or even not know – about them in a few words each?

Alex is behind “WARRIOR DOVES” collective

Will (is writing this)

Dan’s nickname is Sween

Olly has one face when he plays live

Dave has a notorious alter ego when drunk.

Interview via Sounds of Now Music