Friends Electric Interview

Interview with Dan and Ritchard from Friends Electric – Camden Market (prior to their gig at Proud Galleries)

The chances are that if you haven’t already heard of Friends Electric, you will soon as their slinky blend of indie/pop is designed to make you smile and dance.


If you could change one thing or do one thing better what would it be?

That’s a tough question!  I guess when you feel like you want to give up, keep going and stick with it.  We used to doubt ourselves quite a bit at one point.  As soon as you get that thought in your mind, it can spread really’s contagious within the band.


Excluding this interview, what has been the best thing to happen to Friends Electric since forming?

I guess we played One Big Weekend two weeks ago which was great!.  Not even the event, but the whole thing surrounding the experience and the help we received from BBC introducing was awesome.  We hope the support continues it’s been great.

What advice would you give new and up and coming artists? -Are you aware of any organisations that can offer help and support?

 I think the biggest help we have received has been from BBC introducing.  It opens a million doors to reach a much broader audience. We uploaded Golden Blood last November and it got chosen from a whole bunch of tracks.  You then get a spot play every day on the A list and the things that can lead from that are big, whether you get a record deal, management or a booking agent.  The best thing you can do is get on BBC introducing and get their support.

As well as BBC, PRS (Performing Right Society) have given us a lot of help over the last 2-3 years.  They helped us get on South by South West, we also played MUSEXPO a couple of weeks ago in LA which they help fund. They have been really good.

When we started playing, it was when Myspace was really kicking off and when there were a lot of promoters promoting shows.  I think it has all changed now as they can’t afford to put as many bands on. The best advice is to play every show you can, wherever you are, wherever it is, find the money, go and do it and play the show. 


Any advice for making videos? 

We made Golden blood in an old prisoner of war camp in Wales.  We have done a load of videos now and all on the cheap, as we are musicians trying to make a career out of it and there are also directors and editors trying to make a career for themselves.  There are a lot of people out there that want the opportunity of working with new bands who have a passion.  Get to know these people and work with them.

Name 3 bands that are rocking your world?

We played a show in Bristol last week and the DJ played a track by.... i am not sure if you will know them but they are called Trophy Wife. I don’t know if they are a new band  Yes Trophy Wife are brilliant and I love their track Microlite.

I was listening to Dutch Uncles who are really good. They have a free tune that i downloaded on Itunes.  We played with them as well just before Xmas and they were really good.

There was a band that we did a remix for last year called Cuba Cuba from Wales and i saw them the other day and they were really good....really good.


Last one...If you don’t get so massive, would you entertain the possibility of playing in a Future Sound Share Showcase gig in the near future?

Yes of course, definitely! You’ve  gotta play everywhere.