Frontiers Interview

How did you come up with the band name?

'Frontiers' was initially a song name of ours back when we were called Republic just when we started out... We had a change of heart over our name just before we started getting serious, and it was just as simple as replacing Republic with one of our song names.

What artists and genres have you taken influence or inspiration from to create your sound?

We each listen to a variety of music and I hope that comes across in our songs, but there are certainly bands that we all admire - Interpol, The Cure and The Horrors to name just 3. On a personal note, I'm a big fan of Jack, the drummer in Foals, so some of my drum beats are probably inadvertently influenced by them.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

It's always difficult to predict anything in the music industry, but after our EP release we're hopeful of playing some festivals this summer and playing shows across the UK. We've had some great experiences playing at places like the Camden Crawl and The Great Escape, as well as supporting bands like Jane's Addiction and We Are Scientists, and we'd like to experience many more in the future. Obviously the release of an album is a big aspiration as well.

Any up and coming gigs and releases?

We're hoping to put out our debut EP in early April, and we'll be playing some shows, both in Nottingham and further afield, to promote that. Before that, we've got a gig at Buffalo Bar in Islington on Friday 17th February.

How do you see the music being sold in the future? Where will the bands income come from?

I think more and more of a band's income these days is drawn from the live side of things, and this is reflected in the mammoth tours bands embark on to promote albums. In my opinion, this is no bad thing - we love playing live and if we can make an income from it, then that would be ideal. That said, there is still money to be made from physical and online sales - singles sales hit a record high last year, and vinyl sales increased by a third on 2010. I'll be watching the ever-evolving battle between Spotify and record labels with interest, because I think it will have a big impact on the way music is accessed in the future - it may be the case that, within a few years, no-one buys specific songs or albums, and just pays a set fee to listen to anything they want.

If you could go on tour and support a band right now, who would it be?

We're all big fans of the Horrors, and greatly admire their progression as a band from when we first heard them. We saw them at Rock City in October last year and they were great. I think our sound would go down well with their audience as well. Honourable mentions to Foals, Wild Beasts and Radiohead.

If you could change one thing or do one thing better what would it be?

Life would be much easier for us as a band if the little practicalities disappeared - things like renting a van to get to gigs, paying to rent a studio so we can rehearse and write music. In short, I'd like to win the lottery! But it's something that all unsigned bands have to cope with, and it's more than worth it when we get to play at venues like Rock City and Koko.

Excluding this interview, what has been the best thing to happen to you since forming?

Probably playing at Koko with Jane's Addiction. We got a call a couple of weeks before to say that Perry had heard our tracks and asked for us to support them on their only UK date last year, which was a big compliment to receive. The venue was packed by the time we went on stage and we received some really good feedback. All in all, a brilliant day.

What advice would you give new artists?

  • Are you aware of any organisations that can offer help and support? The PRS are really important to young artists, and many people don't know they exist. They pay you money when your tracks have been played on the radio/TV, and you get live revenue as well. For young bands that don't have a lot of money, it can really help.
  • How to get gigs Just get involved in your local scene really. Contact local promoters, go to loads of gigs and speak to other bands - build contacts. You'll get chances soon enough.
  • Recording Find local bands whose demo's you like the sound of, and ask them who they used for recordings. We did this, recorded with Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp) in Sheffield, and never looked back.
  • Making videos We haven't actually made one yet! I imagine our first one will be when we release our EP, so I'll get back to you on that one.

Name 3 up and coming bands that are rocking your world at the moment?

They're released two albums already, but I can't believe We Were Promised Jetpacks aren't huge. We saw them at the Bodega in December, supported by Lets Buy Hapiness (also very impressive) and they were incredible. On a newer note, I'm a big fan of what I've heard from Friends so far. Finally, one of my favourite albums of 2011 was 936 by Peaking Lights, so I'll have to include them.

If i asked you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that i hadn't even thought of yet, what would your answer be?


Thanks for that and anything else you would like to share about your band…..doesn't have to make any sense at all……

I once found a Mars bar inside my kick drum.