Inca Gold & Rokkurro @ The Windmill Brixton 12th May 2011

Inca Gold & Rokkurro - The Windmill Brixton 12th May 2011

 I had never been to The Windmill before and have never felt more comfortable down Brixton’s back streets as I did when I walked in last night.  The venue has gigs on most or every night where you get to see a few decent bands for a fiver.  If the quality of the bands is always as good as last night’s showing then im moving in, as my musical thirst was well and truly quenched for the evening.

 Inca Gold were first on and right from the first song “All the very Best” they showed what they are capable of with a tune that changed pace and direction seamlessly, as if 3 songs were entwined in one.  I was speaking to Axel the guitarist from Rukkurro who thought they sounded a bit like Joy Division, where I couldn’t quite pigeon hole them (which is a good thing) but thought their use of echoed vocals reminded me a bit of The Verve.  Comparisons aside I was really impressed with their sound and quality of songs on show and look forward to seeing them again at Catch 22 in Shoreditch (London) on 24th May. 


We were in for something a bit different from Rukkurro as you would expect from a band from Iceland.  I have been a bit addicted to all sounds hailing from Iceland over the past few years and Rukkurro provided mer with the perfect fix.  For some reason I was expecting a sombre sound, but was greeted with ethereal melodic harmonies.


In contrast to Inca Gold who stood symmetrically onstage and all as tall as each other (apart from the drummer as my friend intelligently pointed out), Rukkurro`s 6 piece occupied varying sized voids fronted by Hildur and her iconic glass cello.  Inca Gold who formed back in December have the sound of a new band with justifiably high hopes, while Rukkurro had a more accomplished and well polished sound which has come from years 4 years of playing together and a couple of albums to boot.  


Rukkurro provided delicately crafted folk indie pop songs, sung in their native tongue and delivered in a confident yet endearingly modest way that only Icelandic people know how.  I had no idea what they were singing about and nor did it matter, as I was in my own little world and making up my own meanings.  It would be harsh to compare them to the unearthly God like genius that is Sigur-Ros, but also a deserved and massive compliment to mention them in the same vein.


Hildur closed the set by inviting people to come and have a drink and  chat afterwards.....and we did.