Sturle Dagsland Interview

We first came accrooss Sturle Dagsland in June of last year and have kept in comtact and featured his music on a few playlsts sinceHe will now be travelling all the way from Norway with the band to play at our next Showcase gig in London.  Due to the distance the interview was carrired ot via email.

Carl Tomas Nising, our roommate/friend/cellist/multi-instrumentalist/favourite artist/native-american/chill-dude has answered this interview completely independently on our behalf as we don't like interviews and we trust him completely.

-What artists and genres have you taken influence or inspiration from to create your sound?

Although it would be wrong to say that Sturle isn't influenced by any other artist, he quite aggressively avoids sounding like anyone but himself. The last few years have been dedicated entirely to the creation of his unique sound, seamlessly blending elements from a wide variety of styles, including contemporary and native music. Yet, any sound that passes through his system is guaranteed to be chewed to the unrecognisable, swallowed and regurgitated before it resurfaces in a way that is distinctly his own.

-Whats your song writing process and where do you take your inspiration from?

Sturle is always working on new ways to express himself, be it through stylistic variations, new ways to use his voice and other instruments, or exploration of different moods and characters. He is always striving for each new song to be as different as possible from anything else he has written or heard. In a way, his inspiration comes from knowing what he doesn't want to sound like.

-So what are you most looking forward to during your forthcoming tour of the UK?

Gigs. Trains. Trying the new space drum.

-What is the reaction like from the crowd when they come and see you play?

Different crowds react quite differently to the same material. The best response we have ever been met with in concert was playing an intimate, almost entirely unplugged gig in a machine hall at a modern art/performance/theatre- and music festival in Northern Norway. In which case the positivity was overwhelming. But normally, we 're used to seeing small packs of confused faces turning to leave after the first couple of songs.

-Can we expect any new material in the near future?

Sturle and Sjur are still working on their debut EP, and will continue recording throughout the autumn. New material might surface online within a couple of months.

-What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

Finishing the EP.

-If you could go on tour and support any band right now, who would it be?

Any pack of chill dudes who could take us to audiences we'd have any hope of stealing from them.

-What advice would you give new artists? (see below for some helpful topics)

If you're going to make bad music, then don't do it. It gets annoying.

· Are you aware of any organisations that can offer help and support?

Funds that give you money. The municipality of Stavanger recently granted Sturle and Sjur 10 000 Norwegian kroner (roughly 1000 £), and they intend to use it finishing the EP. And surviving.

-Name 3 up and coming bands that people should be checking out?

He'd probably list my band, Disorderly House. Or, more likely, the lo-fi demos I've recorded for that band, to be found on I think he likes those. Other than that, I have no idea. Maybe Sjur's old band Gnizzt. Also to be found on myspace. And maybe Lage Nøst, who plays banjo on this tour. His beat-based project Frikbit is also google-able.

-If i asked you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that i hadn't even thought of yet, what would your answer be?


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