Sunless 97 Live @ The Shackwell Arms

Sunless 97 have been receiving some deserved attention of late and all due to them being on the May Future Sound Share Playlist of course (May be). Despite what their name suggests, their music glimmers and sparkles and is hard not to be transported to summery places, even while walking through waterlogged London.

On the stage they come across as a band who are on the cusps of acheiving that perfect synergy that they create with their sound.  They convey this with a slight stance and with some unassured  glances, however this is a band who are pushing boundaries and trying something slightly different and it's great to see. One look over at the completely cool and assured sax player, seems nuetralise the stage and ads a sense of calm to the array of sounds coming from  synths, keyboards, laptops. 

In our recent review of their "Making Waves" EP, Tom knight appropriately described their sound as "sequenced perfectly to create a ready-­‐made daydream that is impossible to resist" and tonight this could not have been more true as i spent half the gig off in my own little world Sunless 97 world.

We saw them a week or so ago at Field Day festival and the sound desk struggled to get to grips with their sound, but tonight was their own gig and they gave us a taste of things to come.  

Their new double A side single is out now and will be reviewed shortly