Super Cat Showcase Gig @ Bull & Gate Ft I am In Love, Crushing Blows, Nintails and Trampoline

First on were “I am In Love” who featured on our playlist back in June this year and have remained on our wish list of bands to play at our gigs ever since. They recently moved from their hometown of Leicestershire to Finsbury Park in London to maximise the opportunities available to them.

From the onset their front man demanded the attention from the stand-offish shy crowd. He perched on the edge of the stage as he sang in attempt to reach out to those standing towards the back of the room. Following a request from keyboardist/singer, the crowd ventured forward to get closer to the energy being created o stage. Their set was full of intensity, harmonious vocals and pounding drums to form a dark indie/electro//80’s sound. At times I thought I was watching and hearing Jonathan from Everything Everything, but with the same energy and presence as Ed from Friendly Fires. We look forward to seeing more from I am In Love but in the meantime you can listen to their new single "PALM" here and “Call me an Animal” which we featured on our June Playlist and were both stand out tunes from the set.

Any band would find it hard to compete with tonight’s opening act but Crushing Blows were vey different in terms of their set up. They are a 2 piece hailing from Derbyshire who believe that their sound falls somewhere in-between Battles and Broken Social Scene.  Chris Jones the front man had a lot of energy and held his own, however It was the drummer Andrew that stood out for me.  Despite the exertion required for the drums, he was also able to deliver strong vocals.  

We have seen a few 2 peice acts recently and all have managed to create a sound worthy of more members by looping the guitars at the start of the songs.  

Crushing Blows self-released their self titled debut EP which you can download here

The most impressive act of the evening were Ninetails. Unlike the earlier acts that sought the attention of the crowd, Ninetails warranted it through their perfectly carved and intricate sound. You can tell by the way they handle their instruments and use of pedals that they spend a lot of time perfecting their music. No wonder they have been included on some “Ones to Watch” lists for the year and shared the stage with such acts as Alt-J, Error and Tall Ships.

Due to a slight over run, a large proportion of the crowd left for home prior to Trampoline taking to the stage. This can often happens at showcase gigs and it didnt work in the bands favour this time, especially after travelling so far. This became evident in their performance as it manifested itself in some frustration being displayed on stage. At one point one of the members hit out against the mic stand, that sent the mic hurtling towards the crowd? I guess this is one way of engaging the remaining audience.  

There were many positives about the bands on show tonight and i will look forward to going to Super Cats next showcase gig.