The Bishops Interview

We caught up with The Bishops prior to them performing at our gig this coming Friday at the Star of kings in london

-Do you have any ideas on how record companies could make it easier for bands to get discovered and signed up

Very difficult one to know the answer to! I think demo portals/soundcloud drop boxes on label sites is a big help to both parties and is a quick and easy way for the music to be heard quickly.

-How did you get signed up to 1234 Records

We played the London live circuit for a few years and gradually through our live shows and word of mouth Percy Parker at 1234 heard of us. Percy came down to several live shows and i think that the live strengths of the band helped us achieve the record deal with them. We also released our own 7inch single and generated a buzz through that, having a manager was also an important part in negotiating potential deals and raising our profile at that time.

-Can we expect any new material in the near future?

Earlier this year finished our 3rd album and plan to release this around Spring next year. Its been a big step for the band, and the stepping stone for this album was the Sojourn EP we released in 2011.  It was partly recorded at Cafe Music studios in Bow and partly written with our little brother Alex Bishop who had a big influence on the song writing. Musically everyone is playing their best music ever on this new record, Chris our drummer is phenomenal on it.-If the Mayans are correct, the world will come to an end on 18th December this year. What band would you like to headline an end of the world gig be held the night before.

I saw Grizzly Bear a few months ago and they were brilliant, i would happily let them do it. They were brilliant, a magical gig that lasted with me days after. Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen could come in on the final number, that would be interesting!

-Ok so the world has come to an abrupt end and we are all unfortunately dead. On the plus side you now have the opportunity to meet anyone that has ever existed as they are all chilling with you In musical heaven. Now that you have this wonderful opportunity, who would you like to meet first and what music would you want to introduce to them.

A difficult one, but i have been a lifelong Jimi Hendricks fan and would have to choose him. The music i would show him would be The White Stripes, Billy Childish, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Battles and The Bishops!

-Do you have any pre gig rituals or any processes before a gig to prepare or help shake off the nerves

I usually hold my plectrum in my hand for about half an hour before i go on, i guess its a way of being 'ready' for the gig. We also give each other a gee up before the gig, sometimes that may be a gentlemanly handshake or a pat on the back, we aren't really that laddish about it haha! Band contact before a gig is important though to tell each other we are ready.

-There is also the chance that If the Mayans will be wrong about their prediction and we may be all lucky enough to still be breathing come the end of the year. If this is the case what will be your album and song of the year?

Ever since the Summer i have found myself constantly humming 'Yet Again', so that is my song of the year, and 'Shields' will be the album then! The double vinyl is timeless and constantly interesting.

-As I have you in this frame of mind; what are your bands to watch for the coming year?

Our little brother has a band called Effra who are very much worth checking out live, a very eclectic and enjoyable folk band, very talented young musicians. Also Local Natives have a new album next year so i will be eagerly waiting for that, love their vocals and facial hair! Also Jon Hopkins may have a new album next year, he works at Cafe music and through that i really got into his album 'Insides' so looking forward to that a lot!

-What artists and genres have you taken influence or inspiration from to create your sound?

We have always been inspired by early rock and roll and good harmony bands; The Beatles and The Everly brothers being main ones. Also British beat and garage rock have been important influences of our sound. More recently we found inspiration from lots of wide ranging things such as Dave brubeck's 'Time Out' to Battle's 'Gloss Drop'. We have been much more experimental and challenging in our rhythmic approach to songwriting which has come through on our more recent record. The blend of influences in The Bishops sound is now greater than ever!.

-What advice would you give new artists? (see below for some helpful topics)

· Are you aware of any organisations that can offer help and support?
· How to get gigs
· Recording
· Making videos

Everyone you know is important to supporting and helping a band take shape, not only is there music to take care of but also artwork, promotion, admin, planning etc! Going to art college has been a useful thing for the band and having like minded creative friends has always been important. Also a great resource for any band (not just unsigned) is the Unsigned guide ( ) which is a great resource for bands in this country. A bit like a 'yellow pages' for bands. This has a lot of good useful information on getting gigs, studios, van hire, venues etc. Finding a manger is a very important step for all bands but it is still important to take responsibility yourself.

-Can you let us know something quirky about your band (This will go on your FSS profile page)

Me and Mike are twins, and have been known to order PG Tips on our rider!

-This is the part where I ask you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that i hadn't even thought of yet,

Whats your favourite band meal?

Either Tayabs in Whitechapel or an Austrian Goulasch and dumplings!