Thumpers - The Scala - London - 22 May 2014

Thumpers have appeared in our “Ones to Watch” feature for the last 2 years running and on 4 of our monthly playlists.  Its no surprise that we are big fans and we envisage a fun future for them.

THUMPERS burst onto the stage with palpable enthusiasm. Their edgy dynamic heart centered sound captured the audience, making the atmosphere electric. Their lead singer Marcus Pepperell created a similar intensity to his vocals to that of Glen Hansard from the Frames and Oscar winning movie ‘Once.’ 

After they played ‘Sound of Screams’ the crowd were so vocal, the lead couldn’t even speak, some seriously intense feedback from the audience. 

THUMPERS cleverly intertwine a variety of sounds including brass, a wood block and even what looked like a church bell, creating a unique spin on their groovy sound.

At an impromptu moment the charismatic drummer John Hamson stopped to express their motivation behind their music – “we make music to not feel alone” a sentiment fully appreciated by the audience.

The gig closed with spine tingling and explosive intensity as seen in the photos on this review, the perfect end to a mind blowing gig!

Their long awaited debut album “Galore” is a must for any discerning music fans, as its brim full of intelligently crafted indie pop tunes.  We hope your join our excitement for this band and come along for the ride. 

Although we were just reviewing THUMPERS set, it wouldn’t  be right not to mention Cut Ribbons who opened the evening with a mighty impressive set.  They have somehow evaded our radar and its always a joy discover a new impressive band.  You can check them out on the link below.