Thumpers- Tougher Than Love and Sound of Screams

I have no idea where these guys have come from or have been hiding, as they have such an accomplished sound for a band in their infancy.  I would love to be able to tell you more information about them, but there simply isn't anything around apart from a few like minded blogs singing their praises. 

They have 2 songs to date "Tougher Than Love" and "Sound of Screams," both of which i have been playing constantly for the past few weeks. 

It probably wouldn't be a good look, skipping through central london with my hands aloft, clapping and singing along out loud while listening to either of the tracks on my pod, but that is how they make you feel.  Its hard not to hum along to the extremely catchy chorus's with shimmering layered vocals.  I can draw some mild comparisons to sounds hailing from Norway and Denmark at the moment like Young Dreams, Team Me and Treehouse for Sunlight, who are all very worth checking out.

We had them as our band of the week earlier in June and really hope to hear lots more from them soon. We will ensure to keep you posted!!