Turnpike Glow Interview

Turnpike Glow will be taking to the stage this Friday at our next Future Sound Share gig They kindly agreed to answering a few interview questions which you can read below together with links to their songs.

So where does the band name originate from?

We are huge fans of Belgian band dEUS, especially of their early material. The inspiration came from a dEUS gig setlist hanging in our room during our University years. One of their early track’s called ‘Theme From Turnpike’. We then added ‘Glow’ as those two words combined seemed to convey an evocative imagery or at least that’s what we thought when we came up with it. It did make a lot of sense at the time.

-If the Mayans are correct, the world will come to an end on 18th December this year. What band would you like to headline an end of the world gig be held the night before.

The National. Singing along to ‘Squallor Victoria’ would make the end of the world less painful.

-Ok so the world has come to an abrupt end and we are all unfortunately dead. On the plus side you now have the opportunity to meet anyone that has ever existed as they are all chilling with you In musical heaven. Now that you have this wonderful opportunity, who would you like to meet first and what music would you want to introduce to them.

Drinking a cappuccino in the company of John Lennon whilst Tame Impala are pumping out of the speakers would be the dream.

-Do you have any pre gig rituals or any processes before a gig to prepare or help shake off the nerves

We say "she sells sea shells on the sea shore" three times in unison.

-There is also the chance that If the Mayans will be wrong about their prediction and we may be all lucky enough to still be breathing come the end of the year. If this is the case what will be your album and song of the year?

Best album: Tame Impala, ‘Lonerism’. Best song: The Shins, ‘Simple Song’

-As I have you in this frame of mind; what are your bands to watch for the coming year?

Django Django are awesome. They remind me of The Beta Band and that’s a good enough reason to love them. We also shared the stage with Citizens! earlier this year. ‘Reptile’ is such a good tune.

-Are you aware of any other avenues that new and emerging artists could use to generate revenue from their music

That’s a tough one. To be honest I kind of struggle to associate the word ‘revenue’ with music right now. Sell your records at your gigs is the easiest way.

-What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

Only one: tour as much as possible.

-What advice would you give new artists? (see below for some helpful topics)

Record your best tracks. You can get great sounding recordings with little money nowadays.
Shoot a video because that’s what people react the most to. Again you don’t need a fortune to do that. There are plenty of up and coming directors who’d be keen to get involved for free if they dig the music.

-Can you let us know something quirky about your band (This will go on your FSS profile page)

We tend to be allergic to yellow objects

-This is the part where I ask you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that i hadn't even thought of yet,

I don't think the sun smells like tuna on Fridays. But I guess it goes well with a sprinkle of lemon and extra virgin olive oil.