IntoTheNorthSea Interview

How did you come up with the band name?

George lives in a weird house near Harwich and was brought up on a salt marsh; it's a bit of sentimentalism for the sea that surrounds us + slight spontaneity when pressed to have a name for our first gig. I think we just felt more comfortable with there being no spaces as well although I sometimes I think we might have had a bit more balls and gone for the all epic-appearing "Into the North Sea". Maybe not actually, feels a bit queasy.

What artists and genres have you taken influence or inspiration from to create your sound?

We've both had phases of listening to different music and we have grown up and I think there is a bit of all those artists and genres in our sound that have made their way in there subconsciously. I’ve had big phases in "stoner rock" with bands such as Queens of the Stone Age then a massive phase in Motown and soul music. Even though we don't listen to these genres much now we still appreciate the music and have taken bits musically and non-musically from them and put our angle on them. I read a good quote somewhere saying something like “It’s not what you take from something that matters, but where you take it to that really counts.” – so that’s something we bare in mind.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

To generally write more music and play more shows in as many different places as we can.

Any up and coming gigs and releases?

We've been working on new material recently, it is hard with Matt being at university but we've been making songs by sending them back and forth over the internet. So we should have an e.p out within the next few months.

How do you see the music being sold in the future? Where will the bands income come from?

Hard copies of music sold are decreasing constantly and people want to just stream music now not even own it, with apps such as Spotify providing this service. All bands that I know who are not fully known but still have a big fan base of 40K+ just tour constantly so I'm guessing that's the way to do it. You won't have time to keep a job down (unless it's freelance work) so it's just tour and tour some more.

If you could go on tour and support a band right now, who would it be?

For Matt it would be Starf*cker, they tour so extensively around America and Europe recently and travelling about, playing shows and making money is pretty much the dream so yeah, Starf*cker. Touring with our friends ‘Broken Heads’ would be pretty ace too.

If you could change one thing or do one thing better what would it be?

In a non-musical sense George wishes to watch more television and talk more to people about television programmes.

Excluding this interview, what has been the best thing to happen to you since forming?

Playing Colchester Arts Centre has been amazing, we’ve gigged there a few times since forming, and recently played a college gig there with the perfect crowd.

What advice would you give new artists?

Be confident in the songs you write and spend more time creating stuff than creating band image.

Are you aware of any organisations that can offer help and support?

There are lots of promotion companies who put on band nights, locally and nationally and they are not too hard find. For new bands I would say to email lots of people at first and that gets the ball rolling.

How to get gigs?

again, e-mailing about gets things going and spreads your name about. Something that we are starting to realise now is that not all gigs are beneficial; some pubs just want bands to play as entertainment and won't do any promotion so you're left with bringing in the crowd, which will usually be friends and family. As nice as that is, it's not really doing anything for you. But saying that, those kinds of gigs are fun every now and then


from previous experiences in old bands I would say that many bands overlook the importance of recording. For us, we can record everything at home and get it how we want it. but for bands who have drum kits to record and what not unless they have a good studio at home then they really need to go to a great studio where they can spend time with the engineer and get the sound they want.

Making videos?

we have yet to make a video but we are looking to pretty soon and what we have done is look around for local film groups. Usually if they are small they will be willing to do it for a small price compared to big companies as they will want the experience and exposure.

Name 3 up and coming bands that are rocking your world at the moment?

Magic Man have a great sound and I'm surprised they not much bigger than they are. Plaitum (yes that’s Plaitum not Platinum), I haven't heard a sound like theirs before and with each song they get better and better + they are from Colchester. From George: Cathedrals & Cars, Autoband, Animal Noise

If I asked you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that I hadn't even thought of yet, what would your answer be?

If I asked you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that I hadn't even thought of yet, what would your answer be.